Thursday, 5 November 2009

Three is the massively annoying number

De la Soul, you are good and all that, but I heartily dispute that 3 is indeed the 'magic number'. 

Three is actually a well-annoying number: Buses, bad news and crap knickers come in threes. 
And now, it would seem, so do jobs. By only the second week of my employ at bona fide office-based job, (the same week as my newly engaged friend had three gentleman attempt to to woo her),  I  had received offers of two other interviews/jobs. 

It was oft said by friends during various stages of my work-drought that 'it's much easier to get a job when you have a job'.  I would nod sagely into my mug of Oxo and agree, thinking said platitude lived in a  flatshare with Everything Happens for a Reason and Whatever Doesn't kill You Makes You Stronger in a grotty house on Things Could be Worse Street. Apparently not. This hugely annoying arm of Sod's Law seems to be a home owner on Weirdly True Things that are Guaranteed to Piss you off Road. I have absolutely no idea how dedicating entire days, weeks and months to finding a job can do less good than not even checking Guardian Jobs (imagine that, jobseekers) and getting on with my work...but it would seem that when it comes to job-snaring, a Field of Dreams approach is all that works. Which just makes me hate Kevin Costner even more than I did before

However, having been such a regular visitor over the past few months to those dwelling on Things Could be Worse, I guess the only way to look at it is as some kind of good omen, in so much that when I do decide to pursue a proper 'dream job', I MIGHT just stand a chance...

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