Saturday, 8 August 2009

Candle in the wind

For a part-time jobless, yours truly has been a wee bit busy of late, and rather neglectful of the blog. I am sorry. It will not happen again.

Since my last post, Michael Jackson has died, my Mum had a birthday, I attended an interview for a well good job (and didn't get it), my tomato plant has borne fruit, Steve Lamacq played my song on BBC radio 6, I had a suspected case of swine flu, and the Dr and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary.

The latter was especially lovely, even though I managed to knock over a giant candle and cover my entirely black outfit in white wax whilst shouting FUCK rather loudly - just to make sure the whole restaurant got a butchers. It was a wonderful evening; I ate 3 kinds of meat and learnt that when something bad happens, you might as well just laugh, because if you don't, all that will happen is that you get hugely upset, calm down and then laugh. Surely the sensible response is to just skip the middle bit.....or, I guess, to be slightly more co-ordinated and not through a candle down yourself in the first place.


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