Thursday, 18 June 2009

Chinese Medicine

So... the birthday party came and went, leaving only photos of me fighting a man-size hot-dog, a crushing hangover and some droopy, leftover buffet behind.

I am officially old. At the ripe age of 27, I can no longer take my booze and these particular alcohol induced after-effects refused to bugger off until 7pm. 7pm!! And aside from feeling like 'a pig's shit in my head', the emotional hangover was equally, if not even more powerful: Whilst eating hot and sour soup (the world's best medicine..) in front of the BBC's South Pacific nature thingy, I was brought to tears by the spectacle of wide-net tuna fishing. It just seemed so very sad, like some kind of fish holocaust, I thought, whilst tucking into Char Siu pork and prawns in oyster sauce...

Anyhow, the Crapulence was chased away by said Chinese food, and the infamous promise to 'take it easy and just have a dinner or something next year' was yet again made.
But I won't do it. That would REALLY make me officially old...

Very good.

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